Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who's a Pimp?

Who's a Pimp?

I'm a pimp.  Well, at least I'm feeling the "spirit of pimphood" as I type this.
Today I'm at a well known coffee shop and the cashier, while doing a fine job, clearly has had a long ass day.
The exchange goes something like this...

Him "Can I get you anything else today?"
Me   "Maybe some Love..."
He chuckles.
Me saying what I think he might be thinking " That's gonna cost you bitch." 
...referring to his love.
More Chuckling ensues... He relaxes and seemingly wakes up a bit.

There's a long line, we're on Melrose and everyone looks stylish and thirsty but to him no one else exists. In this moment I am his saviour.  
I have made him laugh, unexpectedly... He is my saviour too.  
Why?  We have spontaneously recognized and shared some joy.

Him " Are you a comedian?"
Me "yes"
Him "Oh like, where, like what, where do you do your stand..."
Me "I'm not a stand up comedian, I do comedic things..."

The stylish thirsty line has grown.

Then I say it... "I have a blog, a new one"... unexpectedly, I mean the word blog still sounds foreign to me.  It actually comes out of my mouth like a cavewoman saying 
I don't know... blog for the first time.  Like "blaagg."
He grabs a paper and pen and hands it to me.

Him "Well, you've just gotten your first follower, cause that was funny"
Chuckle chuckle.

Me to myself  "First Follower?  Hell I've got a whole 18!"
Then I realized, actually, he is the first to be picked up straight from the "street"... hence me being a pimp;)

I found out later his name was Jason and as I posed with him for our money shot he assured me he'd be quitting in a few days. Assuring me he had game.  Of course he has game, he let himself lighten up, be in the moment and laugh.  
I guess he's the true pimp.

Thanks Jason, for keeping it real.
Oh, can I get a double, non fat, soy... I'm kidding, I heard you loud and clear when you said you was quittin...  Let the adventures begin!

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David Kartuzinski said...

Haha. Haha. (pause) hahahahaaha.... Read it twice, if you're not rolling over laughing. hahahahaah...