Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Filling The Void

You ever feel like if you just had that perfect person tell you how to navigate toward your dreams maybe then you could make it happen? Like if you didn't seemingly have to figure out everything at every step of the way by yourself you could somehow make it work.

Well, true story - Several years back I was graciously invited by Mr. Val Kilmer to a Screening of The Doors.  We met on a plane and he sat two seats over, some comedy was exchanged, we laughed we cried and well the rest was as they say...
Anyways, Oliver Stone had re digitized it for better color quality or some such thing and it was the 15 year reunion, so they were doing a shindig.  I know, can you believe it? 15 years? wtf? It was very cool, with some of the band members and cast, whatnot.

Now, if you're wondering if I always name drop the answer is no.  Not because I'm better than that but because I just don't have names;) I genuinely loved the movie the first time I saw it back in the 90's and to this day think it was one of Val's best... along side Tombstone (can I get a witness?) and luckily Gabe my boyfriend at the time had never see it so I said "Hell to the yeah, let's do this!"  So we go, it's awesome and afterward Oliver Stone gets up to talk about what a poet Jim Morisson was and that above being a performer and singer -  in his heart he was a a true poet.  Now, I liken myself to quite the little poet  and have some pretty good ones to prove it so you can imagine I was totally into it.  "I really get it man," I thought.  


The after part and they have rigged 3 after parties together at one space and it's off the hook.  Seriously their was so much eye candy in that place I got a cavity by midnight.
Oliver is being, shall we say, "entertained" by a younger Asian woman on the exec's couch and I'm dancing the night away... and then as the beat slowed down and the sea of people parted Oliver stood up.  I was close, so close that I leaned in and started chatting with him.  "I just wanted to say I totally related to what you said tonight about Jim and his heart and poetry.  I too..." He  looks me straight in the eye, leans in and  proceeds to tell me... something.  What?  I can't hear a fucking word!  Why is the music soooo loud!  I heard NOTHING! Not a damn thing, only the moving of his lips as he smiled, grabbed my arm and nodded a profound YES... as if he had just given me the keys to the kingdom.

I of course couldn't bring myself to say "HA?  What?  Can you say that again? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" I just said "Yes, absolutely, sir" Nodding a resounding yes back.

What was it?  What was the bit of magic he imparted to me?  

How funny right?  I create this sweet opportunity, get a moment with one of the best filmmakers of our time and somehow it turns into a modern day I love Lucy episode!

Maybe he said "I'm in room 406 you should come visit later" to which he thought I'd be right up. To which this story would be pretty naughty... na, I don't think he likes the gingers.

Maybe he said something crazy about love and storytelling and me calling his people and... oh who knows??

Well, what I do know is that as I thought about this story over the weekend I realized, I get to make it up.  I get to fill in the blank and go to all sort of wild and wonderful places. We all want to hear that bit of wisdom, guidance or advice.  We all want the big dogs to tell us which way go down the yellow brick road but really when you creatively fill in the blanks to your story, you get to own your power in a colorful, unique way. Then I thought... Where else I could re-write the script?Play it to my advantage and get back on the right path... just cause I say so.  

So Oliver if you're out there, you know how to get a hold of me... and yes what I made up entails stories of glittery grandeur that you're gonna have to work pretty hard to beat;)  Which is not to say that I'm not open.

Check out this interview with Oliver discussing Jim, Venice, Music and of course... poetry.