Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Get To It!

It's been a few weeks since I came a knocking and in that time there's been death, political corruption and millions of people banning together in the name of women's rights.  I love me some social media, have been able to see some mind blowing things but sometimes, it's all too much - especially at the rate in which we are seeing all the news and seeing EVERYONE's different point of view... "I get it dude, you really really like Ron Paul!" From time to time, makes me just want to start sipping at lunch time... ah, but that's just not an option for the like of this lady;)  It is an option however, to find that perfect song on You Tube that reminds ya of something bigger, maybe tell that joke that you've told a million times because it still makes people smile (my joke includes a couple of clowns and a cannibal btw) and perhaps take some deep belly breaths so you can relax into your fabulous rich selves.  All together now... Breeeeaaaathe.  

Whether or not you were a fan of Whitney Houston at some point in your life or just empathize with the loss... You had to notice people were moved.  It begs the question... What is it about talent, music, song, art, dance, etc., that resonates so sweetly within all of us?  Cause, if you ask me, people weren't just responding to Whitney passing, they were responding to what she shared.  What is it about seeing someone pour out their soul into their work and lay it out for the world to see that gets us so deeply? We're pulled out of our hum drum lives and excited, enthralled, connected. We're pulled from the rigid curriculum of the grind and grid and  momentarily connected to a soul filled symphony. Don't get me wrong, art also has the power to create change, to open minds, to be political and brave which is vital... but it also provides a direct line to the heart and unlike a life without it, art makes it all worth it in the end.  

Check out this Rad Work of art by Chris Davies that has a direct link to my heart.  So so so cool & amazing.  

So, while you're reminding the old men that they better back the f*^k off from making decisions for your -  or your loved ones uterus(s) OR you're telling Monsanto you'd rather stick a fork in your neck than eat their seed infested poison, make time to take note of all the beauty that non the less surounds us.  As a matter of fact create some too. Be a part of the sounds, the rhythm, the pulse... cause it's sweet.  I say once again, get up and shake your ass, like I did last night in my living room to a little Peter Gabriel (thank you YouTube). Paint on random walls... and then run away quickly... imagine, cook, taste, feel, revel in the soul filled gifts of your art and other's, cause babes, to me, it's one of the greatest things about being alive.  It's one of the strongest through lines.  So you better get to it... while you can.  Holla.

Now spin the disco ball and cue the awesome 80's video and work it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who's a Pimp?

Who's a Pimp?

I'm a pimp.  Well, at least I'm feeling the "spirit of pimphood" as I type this.
Today I'm at a well known coffee shop and the cashier, while doing a fine job, clearly has had a long ass day.
The exchange goes something like this...

Him "Can I get you anything else today?"
Me   "Maybe some Love..."
He chuckles.
Me saying what I think he might be thinking " That's gonna cost you bitch." 
...referring to his love.
More Chuckling ensues... He relaxes and seemingly wakes up a bit.

There's a long line, we're on Melrose and everyone looks stylish and thirsty but to him no one else exists. In this moment I am his saviour.  
I have made him laugh, unexpectedly... He is my saviour too.  
Why?  We have spontaneously recognized and shared some joy.

Him " Are you a comedian?"
Me "yes"
Him "Oh like, where, like what, where do you do your stand..."
Me "I'm not a stand up comedian, I do comedic things..."

The stylish thirsty line has grown.

Then I say it... "I have a blog, a new one"... unexpectedly, I mean the word blog still sounds foreign to me.  It actually comes out of my mouth like a cavewoman saying 
I don't know... blog for the first time.  Like "blaagg."
He grabs a paper and pen and hands it to me.

Him "Well, you've just gotten your first follower, cause that was funny"
Chuckle chuckle.

Me to myself  "First Follower?  Hell I've got a whole 18!"
Then I realized, actually, he is the first to be picked up straight from the "street"... hence me being a pimp;)

I found out later his name was Jason and as I posed with him for our money shot he assured me he'd be quitting in a few days. Assuring me he had game.  Of course he has game, he let himself lighten up, be in the moment and laugh.  
I guess he's the true pimp.

Thanks Jason, for keeping it real.
Oh, can I get a double, non fat, soy... I'm kidding, I heard you loud and clear when you said you was quittin...  Let the adventures begin!